Tis the Season To Give

'Salvation Army' photo (c) 2007, Ryan McFarland - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/Salvation Army

Coming up on the Holiday Season, I thought I would take a look at charities.  Do you have any favorites?  Personally, I love the Salvation Army and the variety of ways they help those in need.  There are many ways to give to the Salvation Army, above and beyond putting money in the bucket during the holiday season.

Looking for a family friendly community service project to volunteer with your children this holiday season?  Volunteer to be a bell ringer with the Salvation Army!  My family did this last year and it was very rewarding.  We volunteered for a short two hour shift as a family ringing bells next to the traditional red kettle.  The kids thoroughly enjoyed greeting customers and wishing them a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays and thanking them for their donation.  They learned how rewarding community service can be, and the importance of giving back. 

'Box of Food Update: May 6' photo (c) 2010, Billy Brown - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Food Pantries

Giving back to your local food pantry is a great way to help year round, but there seems to be even a great need this time of year.  Most communities have numerous food drives throughout the year to support the local food banks.  However, if there isn’t a food drive in your community, donating is as simple as contacting your local food pantry coordinator.   Some things that are always in need: canned and packaged non-perishables, toiletries, diapers, pullups, paper products, and laundry detergent.  

Interested in volunteering instead?  Many food pantries are run by local church congregations, but most are open to non-church members volunteering.  It may be okay to volunteer with older children, but make sure to check with the volunteer coordinator. 

My 10-year old daughter and I volunteer on a rotating basis and she loves it.  The first time we volunteered she kept going on and on about how much she loved community service and giving back.  I love taking something positive and encouraging lasting life lessons of charity and giving.

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  1. Jessica Allen says

    Coincidentally, I just wrote a post on giving this morning! We love to give of our time, money, and prayer as often as we can!

  2. Jessica says

    We just donated to our local food bank a few days ago through out Taekwon Doe club! It feels awesome to give back!

  3. Cheap Is The *New* Classy says

    I love food pantries. Sometimes in our community you can put groceries in your mailbox and the mail carrier picks them up for charities like local food pantries.

    I also love the Angel Tree. We love to pick out a child to shop for and have done it many years. :)


  4. Mama Luvs Books says

    We love helping our food pantry! We recently collected 100 boxes or cereal and dropped them off! It was so nice to help!

  5. Shayla Burks says

    I am planning on going to volunteer at a soup kitchen or food pantry next month with Daughter. She’s 5, and it’s the perfect time to teach her to give back. Also, a great Mommy/Daughter date. :)

  6. Emi says

    thanks for the good reminder to be in the giving spirit! i love your blog and am your newest follower! come follow along at chaseandem.blogspot.com XO

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