Heading Off to the Cabin- UP Michigan!

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We've been traveling like crazy this month.  As you know, my daughter and I just back from NYC last week, which was AMAZING.  Tomorrow, I'm headed off with my two kids and two of their friends to enjoy a waterpark resort in Wisconsin Dells and it's going to be SO much fun.  Poor hubby has Guard duty, so he has to stay home.  BUT- next week we're all going to be going to relax in Upper Michigan in a cabin.  I just can't wait.  The only thing is… I have to unplug.  As in, we won't have internet.  Unless I have a connection on my phone.  My fingers are so tightly crossed it hurts!!

So… today I'm making lists and checking them twice, trying to make sure I have everything we need for our resort over-night (we're keeping things simple with juice boxes, snacks, and then donuts and juice for breakfast), and the mountain of things we will need to bring with us to the cabin.

Lucky me… see what I found in my pantry?

Capri Sun

I love stocking up on Kraft® drink products at Dollar General when I have coupons or when they are on sale. My kids absolute favorites are Capri Sun®.  In my opinion, you can never have too many summertime drinks.  My personal favorite Crystal Light® flavor has always been lemonade.  It is so refreshing and on a hot summer day I just can't get enough of it.  Another thing to add to my list for the cabin!  And I might have to take our popscicle forms so we can have lemonade popscicles, because those are always fun and perfect for cooling off on a hot day.

Besides cool drinks, I'm thinking simple meals that involve cooking out and probably a crokpot meal or two because I know we'll be out and about and it will be nice to come back to the cabin for a nice bowl of chili or something similar.

And everywhere we go, you can be sure we'll be carting around an icechest full of Capri Sun®, bottled water and yummy flavors to add to our waters.

I love how you can add flavor to water with Kool-Aid®, Crystal Light® and MiO®.   I've been drinking a lot more water and a lot less soda this summer, and it is so easy to do when there are all these delicious flavors to choose from.  Country Time® Lemonade and Capri Sun® are great options too!

You know I'm all for saving money, so I'm excited that there are tons of good deals on Kraft® drink products at Dollar General this summer.  There are even BOGO coupons and $2 OFF coupons! 

If you're wondering if your favorite Kraft® drink product is available at Dollar General (at unbeatable prices I might add!), check out this line-up:  Kool-Aid®, Crystal Light®, Country Time® Lemonade, MiO® Energy, Capri Sun®.  It's not too late to enjoy the summer with Kraft® drink products.

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Jessica McCoy

Jessica McCoy

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Jessica McCoy
Jessica McCoy


  1. Mary Anne Bouton says

    I was born in the UP. We moved to California in 1960 when the mines closed there. I miss it so much. I love going to visit but its been awhile. Say hi to Haiwatha for me. She’s in Ironwood, my home town!

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