Clean Shower with Vinegar- Easy Solution for Dreaded Chore

Looking for home remedies for cleaning?  You’re not alone.  You might want to check out our 52 Weeks to a Cleaner House series.  But first, lets take care of the #1 question we hear about:  How to keep shower clean?

Clean Shower with Vinegar

Clean Shower with Vinegar

Keeping a shower cleaner with vinegar is easy, but this idea I discovered while browsing around on Pinterest makes that job even easier.  (While I wanted to credit the source, the link on the pin was dead, so unfortunately I cannot.)  I love cleaning with vinegar and am happy that I found this super simple solution for the shower. Now, are you ready for an easy peasy shower cleaner?

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Easy Homemade Shower Cleaner


Dish scrubber like the one pictured above that you can fill with cleaner
Dish soap (I just used the cheap kind and it worked fine, but I’ve had feedback that Dawn dish soap is amazing for this.. the blue kind.)


Fill scrubber up half-way with dish soap followed by half-way with vinegar.  The vinegar-dish soap cleaner works great with 1:1 ratio,  allowing the vinegar to work it’s magic and the sudsy soap to do it’s best as well.

When you’re finished preparing the cleaner, simply wait until the next time you’re in the shower and clean shower with vinegar and dish soap mixture.  Lightly scrub down those walls and tub, toss or spray some water to rinse of the soap, and you’re done until next time.  Keep this cleaner handy in your shower for quick cleanings that you have no reason to put off!  While you’re at it, go ahead and deep clean your bathroom floor.

I tested this cleaner myself and it works GREAT!  I was so impressed by the time-savings technique that I went ahead and bought another for our second bathroom.  I even used it to clean the sink and counter of our half-bath that received HEAVY traffic, and then wiped it down with a wet wash cloth to mop up some of the soap, followed by a towel.  The sink sparkled!  This cleaning solution is one that is worth trying.

Vinegar has about a gazillion household uses.  What do you use it for?

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Jessica McCoy

Jessica McCoy

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  1. Stacey says

    I use 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 water in a spray bottle to clean our natural wood floors (recommended by floor company) and also the kitchen cabinets.
    Works great!!

  2. Samantha says

    Great idea! If Pinterest has taught me anything it’s that vinegar and/or baking soda can clean ANYTHING.

    Dropping by from kelly’s korner.

  3. Aanika says

    Thank you!!!!!!! I absolutely love cleaning with natural products! I’ve been struggling to find a quick way to clean our new shower (its a bit tricky) but I think this will work perfectly!!!

  4. Crista Hebel says

    This does sound easy and that’s my cup of tea! PLUS I think you can get those scrubbers at the dollar store! :) Score!

  5. Hobbies on a Budget says

    I have tried so hard to use vinegar to clean my house but I have such a hard time with the smell. Maybe I’ll try it again! I do love the idea of the scrubber!

    • Justine says

      My kids don’t like the smell of the vinegar and water spray bottle so I add a few drops of vanilla to it (my Mum always used it to clean the fridge out with). It helps, now the kids are requesting I try a few drops of peppermint essential oil (we made home made bug spray this summer). I am going to try that in the next bottle and see what is better.

  6. Jennifer Williams says

    I use vinegar for so many things. I love that I do not have to worry about having cleaners around my kids, vinegar is safe for them. I will try this out love the idea.

  7. Shayla Burks says

    I have used vinegar for years to clean things all over the house. I love it most on windows for a streak free shine. But putting in the bathroom in a scrubber like this is genius. Love it. Pinning. and Thanks!!

  8. says

    I use 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water with a squirt of dish soap as a general all purpose cleaner. Just recently I infused the vinegar with oranges and it’s amazing! Found you via Mop it Up Monday linky.


  9. Selene says

    I will try this very soon! I use the same formulation for my sinks but have never tried in the shower!

  10. Angie says

    Do you know how this works on natural stone showers? And in 2 of our bathrooms we have marble- I’ve heard that vinegar will actually etch the stone. Does anyone know?

    • says

      Sorry Angie, I don’t know how it works with natural stone or marble. I would either research it further or try it on a small section.

  11. Charline Le Solleuz says

    I just cleaned my shower with this, exactly the way you said to… I WILL NEVER clean my shower with anything else again!!! AMAZING!!! All the soap scum came off SO easy! I Usually have to scrub my shower for over an hour and I just did it in 10 minutes!!! I’m speechless. LoL

  12. says

    Cleaning the bathroom is my biggest problem. I am a fussy person and all of the cleaning companies that I have does not meet my expectations, thus, I chose to clean my shower on my own. With this DIY cleaning recipe, I’ll be able to do my effective cleaning for my shower. I will surely update you for the results.

  13. says

    I love the versatility of cleaning with vinegar! I normally add a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil to give it a fresh smell.

  14. says

    Great post! I have been using a similar solution to the one you suggested and have found good results. Will give yours a go. Thank you.

  15. says

    I really had no idea that there is a chance to clean my shower at all. I have read this article yesterday and I decided to give a shot to this eco friendly cleaning method. I just wanted to say thank you because my shower looks like new. The limescale is gone and it works so well! Thank you!


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