Salad in Mason Jars

Salad in Mason Jars

I love healthy dinner options, and salad is one of the best ways to get those healthy nutrients that we all need.  Preparing salads in advance in a healthy, time-savings alternative to the hectic rushing around that occurs when you just don’t have time to make a healthy salad.  And all too often, if you don’t have time, you’ll just skip that healthy option.

Salad in Mason Jars is the latest rage in the blogosphere.  Now… we all know that a blog post without a picture is dead… so I had to get a picture.

And let me tell you, trying to shoot a picture of salad in a jar without capturing a glare on a sunny day… well, it’s its easier said than done.

Anyway, I’m sure you have seen the idea of salad in Mason jars around a time or two (or three hundred).  Honestly, I’m not even sure where I first saw this or how long this idea has been around.  But- whoever thought of it is genius.  Genius!

You want to know why?

Because what salad loving fool likes to make salad each and every time they want salad!  I mean, come on people.  Do you know how many times a week I would make a salad for lunch (or for an evening snack for that matter) if it didn’t require me getting each and every ingredient out to prepare?

Does that make me sound lazy?  Well, you know…  whatever.

Regardless!  I hopped on over to LunchBoxBunch and ogled their amazing photos of Mason jar salads.  Flowers on a salad?  Not my cup of tea, but it sure makes for a glamorous presentation.  Gorgeous!

My salads, not quite so glam, but delicious none the less.  I’ve got carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, and even some pepperoni and cheese.  We’re having this for dinner tonight with the Crockpot Bountiful Beef Stew that has been cooking all day.

Now, the story goes you’re supposed to put the salad dressing in  the bottom and then layer your ingredients on top of that…. but I’m just not there yet.  Frankly, I don’t know what kind of dressing I want until I get ready to make my lunch.  Is it an oil and vinegar day, a ranch day, French, Italian?  Who knows how I’m going to be feeling.

Anyhow.  Try it for yourself so you’ll believe that salad in Mason jars really isn’t too good to be true.

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Salad in Mason Jars
Recipe type: Lunch
  • Carrot
  • Onion
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce
  • Pepperoni
  • Cheese
  • Mushrooms
  • Other veggies and garnishes as desired
  1. Layer ingredients in the following order:
  2. Salad dressing; harder veggies like carrots, pickles, olives, peppers; tomatoes, lettuce; top it off with meats, cheeses, nuts, or anything you do not want to get soggy.
  3. Salad can be prepared at the beginning of the week and will last for up to a week in the refrigerator. For best results, layer according to directions above. Makes as many Mason Jar salads as you would like to eat in a week. Prep time 20 minutes and you're done!

Salad in Mason Jars



Jessica McCoy

Jessica McCoy

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Jessica McCoy
Jessica McCoy


  1. says

    I hadn’t actually heard of this – do the jars keep the lettuce from turning brown? I too would eat it a lot more often if I didn’t have to get everything out all the time to make it.

    • says


      I tested it out last week and it worked like a charm. My salad was fresh and crisp. I know… I wasn’t expecting that result either. 😉

  2. says

    Jessica, this has inspired me to start making salad to bring to work again. This salad would certainly make me look like a Trendy Wendy! The photos are great and glare free! Great job…I’m sold!

  3. says

    I vouch for this method as I do it all the time with my fruit and veggies. It works so well and increases our veggie and fruit intake immensely. It also speeds up dinner prep. Blessings!

    • says

      Thanks Diane! I’m new to doing this but am loving it. I can see that it could really help with veggie/fruit intake as well as dinner prep. I already have a salad ready for dinner each night this week. Definitely can’t beat that.

  4. says

    I seen these years ago when I was working, tried it also. Worked but I still prefer a bowl it was a little scary traveling the jars back and forth. Pic looks good, love the colors of a salad in a jar.

  5. says

    I have friends who’ve done this. I like making my salads in anything with a lid because I can shake it and distribute the dressing evenly. It’s nice when an internet ‘rage’ is healthy!

  6. says

    This would be a great addition to a meal brought to someone who just had a baby, recovering from surgery, etc. What a cute idea!

  7. Lilajean says

    Well, I’ve got the Mason jars and have been wanting to try this. Another blogger posted it but said to use only romaine or iceberg lettuce. We buy spring mix and baby spinach. Has anyone tried it with leafy lettuces? I love salad but don’t eat it often due to preparation.

    • says

      Hi Lilajean! I think other leafy lettuces would be fine. I’ve used them myself… I just don’t make as many and use the salads up within a 2-3 days instead of the up to a week that iceberg and romaine can last.

  8. says

    awww ok, got answer to my question about length of time these will keep, so now, Im buying mason jars for salad prep. My husband will love me as he loves “salads” every night, and I would too if I had them ready.

    Thanks for your great prep tips!!! Lets be healthier!!!

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